About us

Uruguay XXI is the government agency which works to internationalize the Uruguayan economy, promoting thethe country as an strategic location for productive investment and export growth.

Uruguay Smart Services is the sector brand and website developed by Uruguay XXI through the Global Services Program financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB). 

This website is aimed at providing information on the opportunities offered by Uruguay as a privileged location for the provision of global services regarding four prioritized business platforms:

Business Services

Information Technologies

Pharmaceuticals and Health

Architecture and Engineering

Furthermore, Smart Services is in charge of initiatives such as Smart Talent (aimed at improving talent access), and the Finishing Schools, , state funds of up to 70% of staff training costs.

Investor Services

Macro and sector information. Uruguay XXI regularly prepares research on Uruguay and several sectors of economy.
Tailor-made information. We prepare customized information to answer your specific inquiries, such as macroeconomic data, labor market, taxes and legal aspects, investment-promotion programs, location and costs.
Contact with main stakeholders. We generate contacts with governmental entities, industrial stakeholders, financial institutions, research & development centers and prospective partners, amongst others.
Promotion. We provide investment opportunities in strategic events, missions and business networking meetings. We arrange visits to the country by foreign investors, including the scheduling of meeting agendas with, for instance, public authorities, suppliers, prospective partners and chambers of commerce.
Support in setting-up operations and expansion. We assist you in the process of setting-up your business in the country and provide support for you to consolidate business growth in Uruguay. We promote actions to improve competitiveness of prioritized sectors.
Finishing Schools. Support for the submission of applications for co-financing.

We invite you to become acquainted with the opportunities offered by the country on this website and contact us by phone on +598 2916 0361, via email at serviciosglobales@uruguayxxi.gub.uy or visiting us at our offices located at Rincón 512, 2nd floor in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay.