Regional Distribution and Trading Centers.

Uruguay is positioned in as an extremely strategic site for the development of logistics and trading activities, both as a result of the geographic position and advantegous legal/tax framework. The free zone, free port, and airport regimes provide a completely differential framework for these operations. Samples of renowned companies which have developed RDC and Trading are: Ricoh, Sony, Lexmark, Shimano, Siera Electronics, Airbus Helicopters, SKF.

The main advantages offered by Uruguay as a Regional Distribution Center include:

- Extensive benefits for transit, fractioning, packaging, and adding value to goods with and without cold-chain requirements.

- Centralized inventories with flexibility volume and design.

- Safe storage during global economic and political uncertainty.

- Just-in-time operations and reducing lead times to final customers by replacing deliveries directly from the manufacturer with deliveries from centers located just a few hours from destination markets. This has enabled companies to replace traditional logistics with speed to market logistics.

"The key milestone for SKF to decide to open the South American distribution center in Uruguay was - as done globally - to reduce the inventory in the region, while having a centralized inventory in Uruguay and only having a small operation in other countries for critical demands of our customers. The second reason was to reduce the costs of operation and thirdly, and most importantly, was the service for our customers. We wanted to reduce the delivery time to our customers or increase the speed time to market, improve our customer service and have a better availability of our products for our customers. These have been the reasons to come to Montevideo, Uruguay.”

Ralph Hendrikx, Former General Manager, SKF Logistics Services

"American Airlines Cargo appreciates the easiness of doing business in Montevideo, loves flying in and out of Montevideo, and we appreciate having the local support of authorities and partners."

Carmen Taylor, Managing Marketing, Southeast USA, Caribbean & LATAM, American Airlines