Regional Headquarters & Shared Services Centers.

Uruguay´s capital city, Montevideo, has become a hub for Regional Headquarteres and Shared Services Centers (SSC). Some renowned companies which have developed SSC in tue country include: Finning Caterpillar, Sabre Holdings, Altisource, Willis Towers Watson, Louis Dreyfus Commodities, Noble Group, SKF, Trafigura, Arcos Dorados (McDonald´s), and BASF, among others.

"We wanted to centralize all BASFs accounting services in the Americas, from Alaska to the Patagonia, in a single country. We decided on Uruguay for three main reasons. The first was its government, offering economic and social stability, ease of doing business, minimal bureaucracy and low levels of crime and corruption. The second was the country´s quality and uninterrupted Internet connections, which our company needed to transport the data powering our equipment and technology. Most important was human resources, because our services depend on people. Uruguay offers professional and well-educated talent thanks to the country´s excellent universities. We are more convinced every day that we made an excellent choice by coming to Uruguay." 

Berthold Ebner, Managing Director, BASF Services Americas (Watch the video)