Third Party - BPO.

Although most operations settled in Urugua are captive ones, there are many third party providers (global and locals), providing BPO services. Main examples are Tata Consulting Services, EGS (ex APAC), TMF, Concentrix, Atento or Avanza.

"We started working in LAC in the year 2002 and established operations initially in Uruguay. We were 15 and today we are 1300 people. We do infrastructure, application management, software development, outsourcing of processes and systems, and back-office processing. This is the sort of work which carries a lot of responsibility for our customers. The organizations we work for are very worried about their software being maintained from locations that are predictable, stable, and where the investment they make in sending the software, their knowledge, the IP is well-protected and that they can function 365 days a year, 24 hours a day if necessary. Another consideration why we selected Uruguay was the quality of the human resources. We were very impressed and until today the Uruguay people in IT well deserve the reputation they have around the world."

Gabriel Rozman, Former Executive VP. Emerging Markets, Tata Consultancy Services