Human Resources in Uruguay are highly competitive due to a combination of several factors, including the high quality of basic, technical and university training and the flexibility and ease of Uruguayan workers to adapt to new production processes or technologies. The Uruguayan workforce has been showing a steady increase in its ability to master other languages, in particular English and Portuguese.

Uruguay has the highest literacy rate in Latin America: 98%. Free public education is provided from kindergarden through university. 6% of the country's GDP is invested in education and 100% of high school students at the age of 15 have already completed at least three years of English and two years of computer science.

The potential of access to talent is complemented by the easiness to getting residence for professionals coming from other Mercosur countries (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Venezuela), who find working and living in Uruguay very attractive. 


Long-term education policies

Uruguay´s Ceibal Plan is an initiative promoted by the Uruguayan government since 2007, based on the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Uruguay was the first country in the world to provide laptop computers freely to all students and teachers in public schools and high schools. This program has allowed the country to substantially reduce the digital gap and empower future generations to face new employment challenges. 


Finishing Schools and Smart Talent

In addition, through the FINISHING SCHOOLS Program, Uruguay subsidies up to 70% of job training costs in the specific skills required by companies to establish or expand export operations. Following this furter, Uruguay offers SMART TALENT, a website for job opportunities focused on global servies which offers tests to measure the knowledge of the registered candidates. Companies can post their job vacancies and have access to tested profiles without any charge.


University-Graduates and Undergraduates



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