In addition to SSC and BPO activities, there are higher value added activities being carried out from Uruguay. Companies focused on professional services, market analysis, risk management, and financial advisory such as Willis Towers Watson and Pluspetrol also find competitive advantages in Uruguay for their KPO operations.

"Many reasons favored the decision of the company’s settlement in Uruguay: first, Uruguay has the qualified talent that our company needs, and for us it was also very important that the people we hired had a good knowledge of the English language, and for the scale of operations that we had planned for Uruguay, we didn’t have problems to find people with solid academic qualifications and excellent English skills. On the other hand, Uruguay is also competitive in terms of operational costs, especially when compared with countries in developed economies. Also, the fact that there is a free trade zone regime, with the fiscal benefits that this implies, as well as the ease to settle within those free trade zones, were key factors in the decision to open in Uruguay. And finally, another factor is Uruguay’s general environment. Legal certainty, political stability, good indicators regarding the ease of doing business in the country, suitable physical and communication infrastructures, were all very important factors in the decision to settle in Uruguay."


 Sofia Jaunsolo, Country Manager, Willis Towers Watson (Watch the video)