Why Uruguay? - PHARMA & HEALTH

Uruguay has a series of crosscutting attributes for business development, added to which there are specific aspects for the PHARMA & HEALTH service industry, such as the availability and quality of physicians and researchers, the presence of globally renowned research institutions and special tax benefits for biotechnological developments.

This creates a favorable ecosystem for the development of business related to the pharmaceutical industry, with a set of complimentary investment services and opportunities, in line with an approach that goes from the genesis of the drug to the most advanced services in the regional distribution and administrative back office or customer service value chain, creating a cluster focused on foreign direct investment.

The main business areas related to the sector where the country offers opportunities for international companies are:

Shared services centers, from where to attend commercial, administrative or coordination needs of supply chains from affiliates in Brazil and the rest of the Americas, as performed not only by companies from this sector but from other business verticals which have found in Uruguay a quality service platform at competitive costs and a solid environment.

Regional distribution centers, with extensive benefits for transit, fractioning, packaging and added value to goods with and without cold-chain requirements. The free zone, free port and airport regimes provide a completely differential framework for these operations.

Support services in R&D processes, based on the quality of human resources and the development of organizations as the Instituto Pasteur, Pando technological cluster and Parque de las Ciencias, with cutting-edge infrastructure and equipment.

Manufacturing services, with over 30 production plants and adequate infrastructure for, for example, processes such as aseptic filling of biological products or the manufacturing of molecular biology and immunodiagnostics kits as well as recombinant protein with GMP.

Clinical research projects, strengthened by medical research groups focusing on specialties such as oncology or hematology among others. Moreover, in this area both public and private institutions participate in the development of research activity and capacities for its expansion. In this respect, work is being conducted alongside the Ministry of Public Health for the purpose of evaluating the possibility of implementing improvements to the regulatory framework in order to boost such activity maintaining the necessary safeguards for all those involved.