Walter Hughes, AIA, VP Humphreys and Partners

“Uruguay’s large pool of talented professionals has allowed our company to increase its productivity and profit margin while working in a similar time zone to the US. The quality of the country’s human capital combine with training resources and other government support to create a strong value proposition for Uruguay.”

Walter Hughes, AIA, VP of Humphreys and Partners Architects


Humphreys and Partners Architects (HPA) is an award-winning firm specializing in multifamily, mixed-use and hospitality/resort design. Headquartered in Dallas, with offices all over the world, including Canada, Dubai, Vietnam, India and Uruguay, HPA employs a talented team of professionals with artistic talent, classical training and diverse experience in all aspects of the architectural process.

HPA opened its global office in Uruguay in 2011, becoming the first US-global support center of the company. From the start, the office revealed its significant growth potential, doubling the number of employees in only six months. Today, 35 professionals work exclusively for the US market providing a broad variety of services which cover the entire architectural process, including: draft design, construction administration, construction documents, feasibility studies, and construction and project management. As reported by Walter Hughes, VP of HPA and Head of Uruguay’s Office, the labor market would allow the office to double its FTE again, reaching 70 professionals in the near future.

Daily, the office receives around three projects from the HQ in Dallas, to which the Uruguay’s team reports directly. In the future, it is expected that all HPA Latin-American projects will be entirely managed from Uruguay.

The availability of cost-competitive highly skilled talent with great production capacity, innovative design abilities, and good command of the English language proved to be one of the main drivers of success. According to Mr. Hughes, Uruguay is a highly convenient location for – at least partially – addressing the labor shortage of professionals in the United States and reducing labor costs. In addition, the convenient time zone and great quality of telecommunications (highest Internet speed in LATAM) enables real-time collaboration with Dallas, as well as a ´follow the sun strategy´ with offices located in India and China. Finally, the company and its employees benefit from tax exemptions under the free zone scheme, as well as from the high quality of the facilities (World Trade Center building) and its surroundings.