What activities can be supported by the program?

Innovating courses, training of trainers and training for the development of soft or specific skills necessary to work in global services will be prioritized.

The Program will support all the activities necessary for the development of training plans, among which it is worth highlighting: design of resumes, training of trainers, academic administration and management, recruitment of participants, other expenses associated with the implementation (teaching hours, infrastructure, among others).

Which is the maximum amount of the support?

The approved training plans can be subsidized through financing with the program funds from a minimum of 40% to a maximum of 70% of the project total cost.

There are three types of support with different characteristics and objectives:

a) Creation of new jobs in the global services industry - 70%
b) Improvement employees' skills of the global services industry - 50%
c) Creation of new skills demanded by the global services industry - 40%

Must proposals include compensation?

Yes. The percentage not assumed by the program contribution will be distributed between the applicant and may include the contributions of the participants and of the associated training institutions.

The amounts to receive support may include both cash expenditures and the use of the companies or the applying educational institutions' infrastructure.

Do participants have to be employees of the company?

Not necessarily, since they may also be addressed to new jobs in the companies. In this case, in addition to identifying the target group and the participants profile, the proposal must include the selection and recruitment strategy. Companies may commit additional funds to offer internships to people trained by the program for a period and to a number of students to be defined in each project.

Which institutions can apply?

I) Individual companies or groups of companies (club) belonging to the sectors prioritized by the program.

II) Chambers, business associations or educational institutions, provided they have the support and contribution of the prioritized sectors companies.

What happens if the proposal does not have an educational institution?

Proposals of plans may be submitted to the program without an educational institution or specialized professional, which may be selected during the plan management process. It is also possible for the company to develop the course with internal trainers.

May I submit more than one course at the same time?

It is possible to submit, in the same form, more than one course with identified objectives, goals and budget for each case. By common agreement, differentiated reimbursement for courses that are part of the Plan can be established.

Is it possible to submit a training proposal for only one person within the company?

It is not possible. All proposals must have a minimum of 10 participants per course. In the case of companies that export services and that do not have the possibility of forming groups of 10 people, they may associate with other companies with the same requirements and form a training club.

May proposals to participate in seminars and congresses be submitted?

Actions exclusively focused on contributions for participating in seminars, conferences or congresses, individual study or training scholarships cannot be subsidized.

Is training possible for companies set up in Uruguay that hire foreigners?

Yes, this is possible. In companies set up in Free-Trade Zones, foreign participants in training courses must maintain in all cases the same relationship foreseen for the plan that authorizes free-trade zones.

Is it possible to submit a proposal that will be implemented as of the following year?

In principle, we prefer to approve and sign agreements with programs that plan to be executed within 120 days as from their submission date. However, it is possible to consider long-term plans in the interactive exchange process.

May I start the training plan before the approval by the Program?

No, it must have been approved by the Program before starting the course. Otherwise, the expenses incurred in cannot be taken into account for the reimbursement application.

How long does it take for the Program to provide reimbursement once the Training Plan has been completed?

15 working days. At the time of making the reimbursement, the original invoices must be submitted in order to be stamped by the Program.