About FS

Finishing Schools, a tool that allows to finance up to 70% of the costs of the companies' training-on-demand plans, both in soft, technical and specific skills. It is developed in strategic alliance between Uruguay XXI and INEFOP.

It is directed to companies with operations in Uruguay that export services of the following sectors:

Business Services

  IT Industry

  Pharma & Health

  Architecture & Engineering


Companies may develop their own training plans or submit proposals jointly with specialized educational institutions.

Some examples of the supported courses are: languages, customer service, project management and development of different platforms. Courses can be given by institutions or by both national and international experts.

BASF, Mega Pharma, Arkanosoft, Corefone, Infocorp, Mercadolibre, Despegar, and Quanam are some of the companies that have already participated in this initiative.

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