R&D Process Support

Uruguay boasts research institutes that focus on capturing international-industry cooperation projects, especially regional. Such institutes have next generation technological platforms as well as competent human resources. The University of the Republic in the various schools related to the sector has multiple research groups, with basic and applied research approaches.

Furthermore, there are institutes like the Instituto Pasteur in Montevideo, direct affiliate of the Institut Pasteur in Paris, which implied a milestone for Uruguay in terms of Research and Development, given that not only did it promote the incorporation of new technologies into the country, but also the attraction of valuable human resources.

These institutes, apart from contributing to industry projects, provide specific training for industry personnel who require special equipment and environments, that would otherwise have to take place on the company premises, somehow hindering every-day company operations.

Most of these institutions, as well as free zones with specific developments for the sector (Zonamerica and Parque de las Ciencias) are concentrated in one zone of the Metropolitan Area of Montevideo, forming the "hub of innovation."

For the purposes of this document, for sector analysis we have taken into consideration researchers working in the areas of Life Sciences and technology, i.e. Natural and Exact Sciences, Science and Technology, Agricultural Sciences and Medical and Health Sciences.

Completing the map of subsector stakeholders are the National Agency for Innovation and Research (ANII), other institutions of public support and the pool of researchers trained in areas of Life Sciences and Technology (Natural and Exact Sciences, Science and Technology , Agricultural Sciences and Medical and Health Sciences).

Of a total of 1,637 surveyed researchers who comprise the National System of Researchers, 69% (1130) work in areas of interest to the sector.

Top stakeholders involved in R&D services