Logistic & Regional Distribution

Uruguay has extensive experience in all matters related to logistics and distribution to the region, making it a model logistics hub. In Uruguay, the sector includes several activities which are developed in ports, airports, highway networks, specialized logistics companies strategically located or within logistics parks.

Some of these parks are covered by the free zone regime, allowing tax free entry of products into the country, encouraging the development of distribution from Montevideo, strategically located city within hours from the largest South American markets.

Free zones (5 minutes from the airport) have the necessary infrastructure to provide logistics and distribution services, such as Selenin in the Science Park and Costa Oriental in Zonamerica, both with facilities for fractionation, packaging and cold storage. They also house international companies with their own distribution centers, as is the case of Merck Serono (regional center for the distribution and services of biotechnological and pharmaceutical products from manufacturing plants based in Europe for all Latin America) Uruguay, Adium Pharma (international distribution and secondary packaging of finished generic drugs and raw materials) and Blausiegel (international distribution of finished products), all operating from Zonamerica.

For the development of all these activities, setting up distribution centers both directly operated by international pharmaceutical companies or by outsourced services, the country in addition benefits from Free Ports and Airports, Customs Bonded Warehouses, Investment Laws and Industrial Park Laws.