Uruguay has a long tradition in the pharmaceutical industry, having created entrepreneurs and human resources with vast experience and knowledge in the field; mandatory features to provide international laboratory services demanding high quality standards, as well as for the set-up of new plants.

In fact, despite its small population, the country has over 30 pharmaceutical facilities authorized by the Ministry of Public Health (MSP), some with the Good Manufacturing Practice certificate.
Furthermore, investment has been made in modern technologies for sterile filling in vials and syringes of biological products as well as for the production of molecular biology and immunodiagnostic and recombinant protein kits.

The total offer of pharmaceutical products in the Uruguayan local market, in 2013, was of US$ 730 million per year and the sector directly employs more than 4,700 people, with a high percentage of technicians and professionals.

Among pharmaceutical laboratories for human use are multinational companies, worldwide manufacturers of patented products, generally present with business offices (grouped in the Chamber of Pharmaceutical Specialties and Related Products–CEFA) and national and regional companies that manufacture or sell similar or generic pharmaceutical products (grouped in the National Association of Laboratories–ALN– founded in 1943).

Map of major stakeholders