Horizontal Applications

GeneXus is the software development platform based on the automatic knowledge management created by the Uruguayan company Artech. There are at present more than 8,500 companies worldwide using GeneXus and a large network of international offices and distributors which allows it to be present in more than 45 countries.

"Being a small country, Uruguay is an excellent platform for software development. The size of the economy allows professionals to have a generalist and dynamic perspective, which is highly important for innovation development. In terms of human resources quality, I am certain that Uruguayan engineers are world-class".

Nicolas Jodal, CEO, Genexus International

“Netsuite started business in Uruguay on May 2012 by acquiring two Uruguayan companies. Uruguay was a key component to start a whole new strategy of an eCommerce product called SuiteCommerce. We are creating the product and providing the implementation service from Uruguay to customers in the whole world.”

Diego Terra, eCommerce Director, Netsuite