IT Services

This is the most traditional segment in Uruguay and therefore, the one with largest market share. IT consultancy, testing and development, and design of custom software are the most important activities. Samples of local companies are Quanam (Oracle Partner), and Infocorp (Microsoft Partner). Samples of international companies are Tata Consultancy Services (Development Center), Globant, IBM, Microsoft, Bull, Sonda, and Indra. 

 “The main problem of our industry is the lack of talents, and in Uruguay there are very competitive human resources. We need a mixture of technically good people for software development and also with English language skills, because they have to work with English speaking clients continuously. Uruguay is one of the places where we found the best mixture of both conditions.”

Pablo Brenner, Former VP Innovation, Globant (Watch the video)

"The reasons why we decided on Uruguay are several. We found that the legal system in Uruguay protects foreign investors, and the transparency of the system is very important to us. The stability of the country was also very important, as well as the the attention that the government gives to investors from overseas, which was key for us to decide to come here. Another consideration by which we selected Uruguay was the quality of human resources. We were very impressed. Briefly, Uruguay´s advantages as an excellence outsourcing center were crucial in setting up the TATA Consultancy Services Development Center".

Gabriel Rozman, ex-Vice President for Emerging Markets, Tata Consultancy Services.