Business Services | Business Opportunities

Uruguay offers many attributes that make our country an attractive place for  regional headquarters or service centers – both captive and third party - supporting regional and global business.  Uruguay has also become a regional logistics hub and a center of financial  advisory services. Uruguay offers a favorable business climate with social and political stability (independently of the political party in power), investment grade ratings from the main credit rating agencies, and sustained GDP growth during the past 12 years. Investors recognize Uruguay’s world–class infrastructure (i.e. Latin America’s fastest internet download speed) and excellent quality of life for executives and their families.


IT Services | Business Opportunities

Many international tech firms have chosen Uruguay for their international or regional headquarter to support their teams in the US and the world. Some samples are: Bull, Globant, IBM, Microsoft, Netsuite, TATA Consultancy Services, Verifone, among others. 



Life Sciences | Business Opportunities

Uruguay has become a globally recognized hub for Life Science companies in several business segments: Regional Headquarters & Shared Services Centers, Regional Distribution & Trading centers, Manufacturing, and R&D Centers and Clinical Research. Samples of our track record are: Roche, Shimadzu, Merck, Mega Pharma, Adium Pharma, among others. 


Architecture and Engineering services | Business Opportunities

Home to Rafael Vignoly, who designed the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, and Carlos Ott, who designed Paris' Opéra de la Bastille, Uruguay is a cradle of award-winning architects. Professionals are multilingual, highly talented and creative, and the cost-benefit ratio is excellent. 


Free Zones in Uruguay

The main activities performed in Uruguay's Free Trade Zones (FZ) are examined in this report, with special focus on those through which goods circulate or are exchanged, for the purposes of getting an overview of their contribution to Uruguay's total exports. 


Financial System

Uruguay has a stable, transparent, regulated and supervised financial system. There are no limits on capital inflow or outflow neither exchange control on foreign currency operations. Uruguay's financial system is composed of two public banks, ten private banks and a wide variety of non-banking institutions, which have been established in the country. The institutional forms are: brokerage cooperatives, finance houses, offshore banking, managers groups of previous savings companies, consumer loan companies and currency exchange houses.


Foreign Direct Investment in Uruguay

Uruguay received FDI inflows of US$ 2,731 million in 2014. This was the second highest value in the country's history, despite being lower than 2013. Consequently, our country remains the second
largest recipient in the region, just behind Chile, with incoming FDI flows of around 5% of GDP well above the average of both the region (2.9%) and the Mercosur (2.2% of GDP).