Entry requirements

Several types of residence exist in Uruguay, which are adapted to every particular situation for those who intend to legally work in the country. A residence permit will allow you to legally work in Uruguay. Before you begin the process with the National Immigration Office, you must choose the type of residence that best suits your situation:

The Provisional Identity Sheet (Hoja Provisoria de Identidad) will enable you to work for a maximum period of 180 days. It will be issued only once and no extension is possible.

The Temporary Legal Residence will be more appropriate if you intend to remain in Uruguay for a period exceeding 180 days but less than two years, its effectiveness will depend on the activity you develop. If you are from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador or Peru you can apply for MERCOSUR Temporary Residence with the advantage of not having to provide information on your means of livelihood nor an address in Uruguay.

The Permanent Legal Residence will be more appropriate if your intention is to remain in the country for a period exceeding 2 years or if your temporary residence has already expired and you wish to become a permanent legal resident.

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