A successful "Parque de las Ciencias Desarrolla" 1st edition

Among 100 people from Colonia Nicolich, Empalme Nicolich and Aeroparque joined a training program in logistics and pharmaceutical management in the context of the 1st edition of the program “Parque de las Ciencias Desarrolla”, supported by Finishing Schools.

Enrique Buero - Parque de las Ciencias

"From the beginning of the project, Parque de las Ciencias is involved with the zones integration. In this sense we give support with the zones infrastructure, but one of our goals is to work encouraging human capital. This is what this program aims", said CEO Enrique Buero.

"The course has to be a tool for tomorrow, when passing by our facilities, they not only see this group of great companies, but a friend’s, relative´s, neighbor’s and their own work place. This will be the success of our activities".

Yamandú Orsi, (General Secretary of Canelones) who attended the event on November 4th in Colonia Nicolich, congratulated those involved in the area’s integration initiative. "Canelones is positioned as the country’s central gate, because of the International airport location, but also for level of investment in Canelones that has exceeded all expectations".

"There is a lot going on here on routes 101 and 102 (where Parque de las Ciencias is located). There is a corridor of technological development from the Science and Technology Park in Pando City to the Hospital de Clínicas and Cudim in Montevideo City. I do not know if we are actually aware of what is happening in Uruguay”.

“Parque de las Ciencias Desarrolla” is financed by Finishing Schools, a tool managed by the Global Services Program and driven by Uruguay XXI Institute with the IDB support.

Viviana Martinez, technical coordinator for Finishing Schools, said that through this tool "we are seeking for collaboration with the generation of quality employment associated with knowledge and business needs".

The participants highlighted the opportunities that where came from this initiative. "Before we saw Parque de las Ciencias as something unachievable, unapproachable where outsiders came to work but not us from this community. We thought it was impossible to work there. And now 15 people of us are working on Selenin".

Mariano Medina, Chief Operating Officer of Selenin, said the results have been excellent. "We work in the pharmaceutical logistics branch based on harvests seasons in which we require a lot of labor concentrated in a short period of time. This year we returned to require staff and nothing better to summon the people who were trained in the course".