UY!CG, regional conference on Computers Graphics

This year the third edition of UY!CG, the regional conference on Computers Graphics in Montevideo, Uruguay, was another successful event.

The invitation brought together students, teachers, users, developers and professionals from different areas (character animation, motion graphics, video post-production and digital architecture) that use and aims cutting edge technology as a common tool for their products and developments, and are on the verge of trends.

The first day was held on November 7th at the ANTEL Telecommunication Complex Auditorium, while the workshops were held on November 8 at the Engineering University Auditorium.

Uruguay Smart Services supported this event by sponsoring two international guest speakers: Ivan Fernandez Lobo and Joaquin Peris.

Ivan Fernandez Lobo (Spain) has contributed over the past 10 years developing the Spanish gaming industry and its international promotion. Among the initiatives he supported, stands out the Spanish Game Hub (a network of international business companies in video games); the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, of which he is president (associated to the Ministry of Culture), and manages the interests of the creative-professional, and GameLab Barcelona, from which he is founder and director.

Ximo Peris (England) studied architecture in Valencia and specialized in architectural visualization. He worked at Netherlands DPI Animation House and taught at TU Delft. He also led large scale projects at Smoothe (London), as such as Olympics 2012 project. He was the creative director at Crystal CG, directing animation teams for the World Cup Russia 2018 nomination and Qatar 2022. The volunteer work took him to INTECH Planetarium, Goldsmiths Primary School, Visit Britain and Ordnance Survey, among others. Today he is the Director of Youth Development for Milestone.

At the conference the discussion was addressed on visual effects by Francisco de la Torre (USA) Pixar, and the post production practices and trends by Uruguayan Mauro Rondan and Paul Marcovecchio of ENANOMALDITO.

UY!CG aims to create an environment that promotes digital arts in Uruguay, linking all actors in a unique community. The conferences goal is to push initiatives to build an environment for a productive communication, knowledge sharing and its development.

Computer Graphics (CG) is the field of visual computing that uses computers to generate or modify images & videos. It is divided into several areas: 2D and 3D in real time (video games), modeling and character animation (advertising and cinema), hyperrealism 3D (architectural visualization), special effects editing (advertising and cinema), among others.

This events edition gathered more than 300 people, among stands, presentations and first line speakers. It was a two days experience where the new paradigms were discussed, and as Fernandez Lobo said "the big brands in the world are in a race to create the best virtual reality devices".

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