Youth pushing forward at Formatec Program

More than 60 young Uruguayans of Jubilar, Providencia and Espacio Adolescente high schools joined together in the 1st edition of Formatec Program, supported by Finishing Schools.

This program, carried out by Sinergia Cowork, Socialab and Maker Lab, together with the companies Takeoff Media, One Tree and Locomotion Audiovisual Company, involves a series of workshops that aim to develop young people's interest in new technologies encouraging them to decide for high schools associated with this area of expertise, much in demand in the labor market.

"I liked creating the website, put font and color". "I learned a lot of new things and I could hold her hand quickly”. "I loved JavaScript!", were some of the comments of the students of Jubilar Highschool after participating at the web Design Workshop presented by Andrés (developer) and Pablo (designer / programmer) of Takeoff Media.

"The guys were great. They are very proactive" emphasized Andrés. "They like the internet world, but did not know the work that lies behind. It's good to see and know that is something they can do, "added Pablo.

"We are very pleased with the kids response. Here at Jubilar Highschool they developed tools from a topic that they chose: bullying. Beyond the technical aspects, we worked across the board in socio-emotional skills" said the coordinator of Formatec Program, Ximena Sommer.

This initiative is financed by Finishing Schools, a tool managed by the Global Services Program and driven by Uruguay XXI Institute with the IDB support.

"This support was crucial for us to carry out the proposal. We are grateful for the confidence and commitment in working with this type of companies, different technologies and youth critical context", noted Sommer.