Uruguayan firms among the top development companies in Latin America

Clutch announced its leading agencies and development companies in Latin America for 2017, which includes many Uruguayan firms. A B2B research, ratings, and reviews firm, Clutch covers agencies and developers in cities and countries around the world, identifying leaders based on verified feedback from clients and evidence of an ability to deliver successful and high-quality solutions.

Clutch’s leading Latin American firms by category are highlighted below.                                                       

Top App Developers in Latin America: CodigoDelSur, Cheesecake Labs, Belatrix Software, Bixlabs, UruIT, December Labs, Snowman Labs, BairesDev, Kogi Mobile, Capptan, Lateral View, Hattrick IT, Octobot, Huenei IT Services, itexico

Top Software Developers in Latin America: PSL Corp, Belatrix Software, Moove-it, BairesDev, Practia, Huenei IT Services, Koombea, Vizir, CodigoDelSur, Nolte

Top Web Developers in Latin America: PSL Corp, CodigoDelSur, UruIT, Bixlabs, Serfe, BairesDev, Nolte, Cheesecake Labs, itexico, Belatrix Software, Vinta Software, Devsar, Valtech, ParallelDevs, Octobot 

Top Web Designers in Latin America: Valtech, MMDA, Koombea, Hyper6, Hoopla, Bolt Brasil, GH Branding, 77 Digital, Huia, Sundevs Inc, TowerHouseStudio, Creativos RD

“Latin America’s contributions to the B2B technology development and digital services space are becoming stronger each day as more businesses nearshore business services,” said Ricardo Real Preciado, Business Analyst at Clutch. These companies develop world-class, high-quality products at a lower price, have great English fluency, and are located in similar time-zones to the US, resulting in great partnerships.”

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