Employment, young people and a hyper connected world

The launch of Smart Talent worked as scenario of the conference “The future of employment: challenges and tendencies”, by Hermes Ruiz, international expert in the development of practices and emerging technologies applied to the corporate world. The commentators were executives from companies located in Uruguay: Ana Peluffo (BASF), Gabriel Colla (Infocorp) and Karen Bruck (MercadoLibre).

Ruiz analyzed the reality of the “millennial” generation in the labor market and the challenge of their incorporation into companies in a market where the idea of “having a job for the rest of our lives” is practically inexistent.

The results of a poll among executives invited to the event show companies look for a bigger commitment from their young employees together with the valuation of a more proactive attitude and open minded for changes.

“We must see the Talent 2.0, which has nothing to do with technology but with a certain philosophy”, added Ruiz about the commitment of the new generation towards working. The expert deepened in the topic and stated this is the way companies should understand young people and their contribution to the companies.

The speaker explained that for getting more productivity and commitment from their employees, companies should understand that “while they use their iPhones, social networking, they are available to produce”; and that has to do with the development of a female gen into economy, the “multitask”.

Among the challenge of motivating and retaining young talent, Ruiz explained that is very important to develop a company´s branding strategy, where you will have to so “different things”, just as incorporating managing technologies, “without considering technology as an objective in itself, but as a tool for productivity improvement”.

Ruiz stated that company branding is also cost reduction: “many people change job for a couple of dollars, only because they are joining a more prestigious company”. “On that sense, company branding also helps reducing turnover and generating more commitment”.

The Colombian expert also mentioned that in this new scenario, with social media as key players, the company´s reputation on them is much important as the personal reputation. Ruiz mentioned that more than 53% of companies would reject hiring a candidate only because of the photos uploaded in Facebook and recommended “not to upload photos you won´t show to your parents”.

Finally, he recommended people looking to be hired, to understand the profile they are showing and how they want to be seen and remembered.

The problem of staff turnover

By the end of the event, a roundtable with executives from Infocorp, BASF Services Americas and MercadoLibre took place, so as to analyze the young talent in the Uruguayan market. They mentioned items like high levels of turnover, motivation strategies and the ways for helping them grow.

Gabriel Colla, founder and CEO of Infocorp explained that talent used to be associated with capabilities, but “today it is associated with ideas, and ideas have no timetable” so it is necessary to think about new labor proposals.

Ana Peluffo, Human Resources from BASF Services Americas, explained that good reception from Young people has to do with “open proposals where their expectations match the opportunities inside the company”. Karen Bruck, Country Manager from MercadoLibre Uruguay, said the key is “thinking like themselves”, “investigate and try to find out what motivates them”.

The three executives agreed that although HR development elevates costs, the turnover is something they cannot be modified. The correct strategy is to join the young people´s projects, offering them a good experience and opportunities, and work to get the best from the resources during the labor experience.